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Final output

Team 1

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Team 2

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Team 3

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Team 4

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Team 5

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Team 7

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  • Students organize teams that meet several conditions.

    • 4~5 members in a team

    • Background diversity: no homogeneous majors in a team

    • Exception: Allowed if persuasion is possible for sufficient reasons

  • Data: Panel Big Data given EMBRAIN corp.

    • If persuasion is possible with sufficient reasons, a project using other data can be used

  • About EMBRAIN’s panel bigdata: [pdf]

    • Due to the limitation of survey, we need a bigdata being collected from consumer

    • Panel bigdata

      • Panel: Panelists are survey respondents who have expressed their intention to participate in the survey in advance and provided personal information under a contract with the survey company.

      • Panel Big Data is an integrated platform that allows you to analyze surveys and big data together.

    • Including..

      • App using information

      • Visited locations (using WiFi & GPS detection technology)

      • Payment information

      • Basic demographics (gender, age, and so on)


  1. Data analysis report

    • Any format is possible (PPT, word, notion web page link, pdf, and so on).

    • Report example (but not limited)

      • Data Preparing (or Collecting)

      • Explore data (Descriptive stats)

      • Set your hypothesis (or research questions)

      • Visualize data to confirm your hypo or RQs

      • Explain your findings

      • Expanding your findings to implications

  2. Presentation Video

    • Making videos for 10 mins presentation (in any language),

    • Submit a Youtube link

The best teams may lead to URP in the summer semester.


  • 윤승현(경영), 최경석(스포츠과학), 박재원(DS), 임서영(미술), 정하경(국국)

  • 안제민(DS), 이채빈(DS), 김지희(DS), 이윤서(DS), 유선아(AI)

  • 민범기(CT), 이시연(영상), 김경서(영상), 김지연(소비자), 이지우(CT)

  • 손채리(한교), 이수아(글경), 최재원(통계), 윤지우(독독), 김서영(CT)

  • 문정은(경영), 박우혁(DS), 이상훈(DS), 양제니(CT)

  • 정은채(AI), 강윤경(AI), 이혜연(DS), 우정현(CT), 김민기(유동)

  • 송준석(CT), 이자의(CT), 최은서(CT), 홍은지(소비자), 이지원(통계)