Changjun LEE

Sungkyunkwan University (SKKU)

College of Computing and Informatics

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As a computational social scientist, I bring a unique interdisciplinary perspective to the fields of economics, innovation studies, and convergence technologies. With a background in natural sciences, including a bachelor’s degree in biology and chemistry, I went on to earn a Ph.D. in technology management, economics, and policy. My research focuses on utilizing computational methods to tackle a wide range of social phenomena, including technology evolution & regional growth, knowledge management, and technology & convergence innovation. I am passionate about using technology and data to drive innovation and solve real-world problems.

  • Research #Innovation #Media #Culture&Tech #Public_Policy

  • Teaching #DataScience #Computational_Social_Science #Culture&Tech


  • Sungkyunkwan University (SKKU), Seoul, Republic of Korea
    College of Computing and Informatics
    School of Convergence
    Dep. of Culture & Technology (Head)

    • Associate Professor (2023 ~ present)
  • Hanyang University (ERICA), Ansan, Republic of Korea
    Department of Media & Social Informatics

    • Associate Professor (2022 ~ 2023)
    • Assistant Professor (2019 ~ 2022)
  • University College Dublin, Republic of Ireland
    Spatial Dynamics Lab

    • Senior Postdoctoral Research Fellow (2017 ~ 2019)
  • National University of Singapore, Singapore
    Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy

    • Postdoctoral Research Associate (2015 ~ 2017)



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  • Culture & Technology: 2024-S, 2023-F

  • Data-Science101: 2024-S, 2022-F, 2021-F, 2020-F/S, 2019-F

  • Machine Learning 101: 2024-F, 2023-S, 2022-S, 2021-S, 2020-F

  • Database101: 2022-S, 2021-S, 2020-S

  • Basic Math & Statistics for Data Science: 2021-S

  • (Grad) Media & Data-Science: 2023-S, 2022-S, 2021-S

  • (Grad) Media User Data Analysis: 2022-F

  • (Grad) Statistics for Interaction Science: 2024-F

  • (Grad) Imersive Media Culture & Technology: 2024-F

  • Capstone Design: 2021-S

Internal and External Positions


  • 2023. 성균관대학교 글로벌융합학부 컬처앤테크놀로지 Best Professor.

  • 2022. 한국미디어경영학회 우수 논문 학술상.

  • 2022. 한양대학교 우수업적 특별 승진.

  • 2021. 한양대학교 에리카 국제연구부문 학술상 (신진교원상).

  • 2021. IC-PBL 루키 부문 우수상 수상.


Graduate Alumni


International SSCI or SCIE

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    • Featured in: Straits Times, Lianhe Zaobao (In Chinese)
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    • Poster Session Winner, 2018 Population Association of America Conference
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Book chapters

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