Course description & Communication

Course description

Culture & Technology is a comprehensive course exploring the intersection of culture and various forms of media technology. Spanning from the early days of print media to the era of social media, the course traces the transformation of media and its influence on cultural formation and diffusion. Further, the course delves into various facets of the cultural industry, including film, music, publishing, gaming, advertising, public relations, and entertainment. Incorporating lectures, discussions, team activities, and project work, the course offers a multifaceted look into how technology shapes culture and how culture, in turn, shapes technology.


The course aims to: 

  1. Understand and analyze the role of different media in shaping and reflecting cultural values and norms.

  2. Explore the policies, laws, and literacy associated with different media.

  3. Investigate various segments of the cultural industry and their impact on society.

  4. Develop critical thinking and analytical skills through team activities and project work.

  5. Foster students’ ability to articulate and present their understanding of complex cultural and technological phenomena.

Weekly Design

Week Date Class PBL Note
1 08/30/2023 Course Intro
2 09/06/2023 What is Media?
3 09/13/2023 Broadcast (녹화수업)
4 09/20/2023 Press & Internet Team assignment
5 09/27/2023 Social Media Team builiding
6 10/04/2023 Media Policy, Law, and Literacy Team builiding
7 10/11/2023 Cultural Innovation Team builiding
8 10/18/2023 Special lecture (1)
- Entertainment
Problem description 엔터산업 PBL
9 10/25/2023 Special lecture (2)
- Culture Start-up
Problem description 스타트업 PBL
10 11/01/2023 Film & TV Show PBL activity (2)
11 11/08/2023 Music & Publishing PBL activity (3)
12 11/15/2023 Game & Entertainment PBL activity (4)
13 11/22/2023 Advertising & PR PBL activity (5)
14 11/29/2023 PBL mentoring Mentoring
15 12/06/2023 Wrap-up QZ
16 12/13/2023 최종 프로젝트 발표


  • Attendance (0 %): No attendance score but F for absence of ⅓ classes.

  • Participation (20 %): Points for active participation in some form, such as questioning and discussion during class.

  • Wrap-up QZ (30 %)

  • PBL Score (50%)

    • Final score: (강의자 점수 30 + 현장 평가 점수 70) x (동료 평가 가중치)