An Analysis of Factors Influencing the Intention to Use Untact Services by Service Type

media user
untact services
intention to use
online lectures
online meetings
online seminars
online performance
Sustainability, 15(4), 2870.

Hyunsuk Liu

Changjun Lee

Keungoui Kim

Junmin Lee

Ahram Moon

Daeho Lee

Myeongjun Park*



Since COVID-19, social distancing has become common, and the demand for untact services has increased rapidly, resulting in an economic phenomenon centered on untact worldwide. Due to social distancing, the untact service area is expanding not only to shopping but also to online learning, home training, and telemedicine, and untact services are expected to expand to more diverse areas in the future. This study investigates four types of untact services: online lectures, online meetings related to work and study, online seminars, and online performances, and the effects of concerns about untact services on the intention of use have been examined using a path analysis model. As a result of the analysis, the perceived usefulness had a positive effect on the user’s continuous intention to use untact services. However, depending on the type of untact service, it can be confirmed that the factors that affect the intention to continue using the service differ from each other. Practitioners can use the results of this study when designing untact services in the future.