Research on the Mutual Relations between ISP and ASP Efficiency Changes

for the Sustainable Growth of Internet Industry

granger causality
network neutrality
ICT ecosystem
ICT policy
Applied Economics. 50(11). 1238-1253.

Ho Seoung Na

Daeho Lee

Junseok Hwang

Changjun Lee*



Innovations in Internet networks and applications are equally important. However, there is controversy in the literature regarding whether it is network or application innovation that leads to the development and innovation of Internet industries. In this study, the mutual relations of Internet service providers’ (ISP) and application service providers’ efficiency changes are analysed empirically using a Granger causality test. Over the entire period of 1998–2011, efficiency changes of web service companies positively Granger-cause those of ISPs and vice versa. In the case of VoIP and streaming services, however, efficiency changes of VoIP and streaming services Granger-cause those of ISPs during the former half period, whereas those of ISPs negatively Granger-cause efficiency changes of streaming services during the latter half. As services that require heavy data traffic and QoS guarantees are launched, a policy that promotes virtuous circulation between ISPs and application service providers (ASPs) is necessary for the development of all Internet-related industries.